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All Minsk Phones is the telephone subscribers database of Minsk city, Belarus. It has a lot of search possiblities, printing, filtering. Here it's features:
    - you can see all records in one table
    - fast search letter-by-letter when you type
    - fast phone number search without filtering
    - possibility to search records by string that can appear anywhere in record
    - it possible to set filters data in separate window (without on-fly search)
    - data in table can be sorted by phone, name, address
    - shows number of records found
    - you can print data you found with different fonts and colors
    - can show preview before printing
    - you can type russian letters without changing keyboard input language
    - can copy any record to clipboard
    - can stay in system tray and always be under your hands
    - useful interface with Windows XP themes support
    - can automatically check for new version availability via Internet
    - useful installer with uninstaller
    - records count: 701,229
    - base dated August 11, 2003

Difference from similar programs

House numbers with indices are not distorted, building sub numbers are not lost.
Phones with less than 7 digits are removed.
Fast database work.
Possibility to print found data.
All records shown in one window at one time.

Other site

All Minsk Phones has own website:


Last version - 1.4. Available only in russian language. Download it here.


All Minsk Phones is not freeware and costs only - $7.
Unregistered version has some features limit:
    - you can't see telephone subscribers address
To know how to register this program online click here.

The Development of this program has been stopped


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