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September 1, 2013

Mars Notebook 2.21 released:
Database deletion after all wrong password attempts even with this option disabled
Database deletion on Alt+X in password dialog
In some cases backup folder wasn't saved
URL link were not closed after Enter pressed
Some internal links were incorrect in CHM
Saving last used CHM export language
Export to MS Word 2010 (*.docx) without MS Office installed
Images for background included (check Mars Notebook\Backgrounds folder)
Some slight fixes


Mars Notebook 2.2 released:
Ability to add user icons (best result with 16x16 images)
Database properties were moved to File -> Database (Ctrl+D)
Ability to insert flash videos from several online services
Improved auto backup abilities with a lot of new options
Now you can set database compression mode from 0 (none) to 9 (highest)
New properties for images (border width, border color, spacings...)
Whole database to PDF export page-delimiters are optional
Maximum amount of sections in demo version increased to 30
User defined colors in color selector popup menu
Ability to insert image as editor background
Better pictures downloading when importing from HTML
Better text background highlighting
Better HTML export
Czech translation
Bugfixes and improvements

Total Commander 8.01 MarsPack 1 released (includes 32 and 64 bit versions)

February 11, 2012

Mars Notebook 2.11 released:
Whole database export to PDF
Codepage fixes in CHM export
Sometimes toolbars were not updated on cursor move
New table layout save
All spellchecker dictionaries were converted to Unicode (even autocorrect)
OwnMouseWheel parameter to enable own mouse wheel handler (default)
Unicode installer supports several languages
All spellchecker dictionaries were updates and some new added
Some fixes and improvements

Download Master installer.

September 5, 2011

Mars Notebook 2.1 released:
Ability to insert YouTube videos
Support for drag and drop attachments
Support for templates (menu Insert->Template)
Ability to count words/characters/paragraphs in your documents
Some new keyboard shortcuts added (reset to default to apply)
FontPreview config parameter to enable/disable font style preview
Export to HTML with tree saves one summary CSS file for all pages
Enhanced eyedropper with zoom in advanced color dialog
New Office 2010 skins for calendar
Four new skins (Cloud, Office 2007 olive/pink/rose)
Toolbars and keyboard shortcuts are fully customizable
Main hotkey minimizes program if it's already active
Chinese BIG5, German and Italian translations
All language files are Unicode now
Improved installer with install/portable mode selection
High CPU usage with auto spell check enabled in empty document
Paste from MS Word will not try to paste as HTML but as RTF
Previous document margins were inherited to a new section
Ruler margins depends on window/editor size
Full Bulgarian translation for standard dialogs
Ctrl+L shortcut were changed to Alt+L
Maximum section name length changed from 100 to 200 symbols
Fixes in branch export to Mars Notebook Database
Right click on the ruler shows paragraph options
Some improvements in editor and dialogs
Attachments were not available after restore from locked mode
Locked toolbars retains their positions after program opens
Attachments were not available after database compacting
Changing text case with different styles will not lose them
Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

April 3, 2011

Mars Notebook 2.1 RC2 released:
Details and link to download on forum
Total Commander 7.56a MarsPack 9 also available:
NTFS4TC plugin was exchanged with more advanced DiskInternals Reader one
Download Master installer updated.

February 22, 2011

Mars Notebook 2.1 RC1 released:
Details and link to download on forum
Mars Installer 1.5 released:
LockDesktop switch added which makes desktop grayed and locked while installer is running
Support for wallpapers with Wallpaper=image.jpg (LockDesktop must be enabled)
IfNotExists=C:\file.exe parameter continues current installation only if this file does not exists
Spanish localization (marsinst.ini)
Some improvements and bugfixes

Total Commander 7.56a MarsPack 8 also available:
Added PDF viewer lister plugin to view PDF files without Adobe Reader
Updated old plugins and some new were added

Installer for Download Master added:
It's a powerful and free Internet download manager.
This installer does not contains Yandex Toolbar and can be installed silently with just /S switch.

May 10, 2010

Mars Notebook 2.0 released:
Ability to drop .URL files into the document
Unsupported dropped files will be attached
All images from clipboard will paste as PNG (not BMP)
Open attachment option: save to temp folder and run
Ability to attach several files at once
Import another Mars Notebook database
French translation added
Some fixes and improvements in calendar
Ability to add any file to database as attachment
Insert -> File... moved to File -> Import
Calendar tool window
Tree can be detached from main window
Much faster program preferences save
New skinned Insert Table dialog
Support for external skins, 5 new skins included
Error on 'Apply this to all tree sections' with no sections in database
Paste HTML with images downloading
Support for TIFF images
Last used color for text and paragraph backgrounds
Mouse wheel support for icons in section options
Main Menu - Font - Change case to...
Main Menu - Font - Overline
UTF-8 encoding fixed in export to HTML with tree
Much improved skin engine, new skin set
Ability to insert built-in icons into the document
Background color for the section name in tree can be changed
Now it's possible to add and remove user spell dictionaries
Default font color for the new section can be set
Support for Google Chrome browser
Stay on top keyboard shortcut was changed to Ctrl+W
Export to MS Word 2007 (.doc) and (.docx) fixed
A lot of other fixes and improvements

November 20, 2008

Mars Notebook 1.61 is here:
New program icon
Document export to Adobe PDF
Ability to set last used color for the text
Dropping of any supported import file into editor
Ctrl+Tab shortcut switches between tree and editor
Recent fonts list saving on program exit
The name of the newly created section contains creation date and time
Inserted PNG images were not saved into the database
Some rearrangements in editor popup menu
Style selection hotkeys were shifted, now Ctrl+0..9 and Ctrl+\ for default
Drag'n'drop was not disabled in readonly mode
Hang up while loading damaged database from Mars Notebook 1.4
Autobackub saved copies to default folder only (same as original database)
Some minor bug fixes and improvements

Miranda IM 0.8.0 alpha build #24 Unicode MarsPack 9 is available.

August 18, 2008

Release of Mars Notebook 1.6:
Drag'n'drop tree sections with mouse
Whole database export to a multiple HTML files with tree
Whole database export to a multiple RFT files
Possibility to add new sibling section
Saving images from document to a file
Option to lock toolbars
Some special characters insert shortcuts
Backup database filename contains date is was created
Opened database name in main window title
Tree in the link insert dialog to pick local links
Desktop color picker in advanced colors dialog
Windows standard color dialog removed
Editor panning with middle mouse button
New export menu
New program language - Ukrainian
New print preview dialog
Export whole database or only a branch into CHM
Export of current document into XML and MHT
"Rename" section popup menu item
Stay on Top keyboard shortcut was changed to Ctrl+Y
Ctrl+S will save database but there is still no need in it
Under Vista with UAC enabled .ini file will be saved to AppData folder
Font size combobox didn't set the size entered manually
Paste with Ctrl+V and menu inside the table
Better 'close and minimize to notification area' handling
Some minor fixes and improvements

Miranda IM 0.8.0 alpha build #20 Unicode MarsPack 9 is available.
Total Commander 7.04a MarsPack 6 is also released.

June 1, 2008

Mars Installer 1.4 released:
Now it's possible to create a different radio buttons groups (Radio=2, Radio=8)
Program info URL icon will be shown for each program if "URL=" is set
Status bar shows total available programs to install (includes hidden programs too)
Now it's possible to set alternate marsinst.log file location from ini file (LogPath)
Windows temp directory shortcut - %TEMP%
High CPU usage while installing an application fixed
Some other bug fixes and improvements

Miranda IM 0.8.0 alpha build #15 Unicode MarsPack 9 is available.
Total Commander 7.03 MarsPack 6 also released.

December 25, 2007- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mars Notebook 1.5 released:
Multilanguage support with .lng files (Languages folder)
New program languages: Spanish, Bulgarian
A lot more section icons were added (now 361 in total)
New insert hyperlink dialog
Local hyperlinks (use 'local://24' where 24 is a section tag from it's properties)
New advanced color selection dialog
Passwords generator (menu Insert -> Password...)
Automatic database backup options
Tree branch export to a new database (right click on section)
Tree navigation history
New toolbars icons
Subscript and superscript buttons
Option to prevent from running multiple application instances
Possibility to repair corrupted database
/repair command line parameter to repair corrupted database
Correct handling of corrupted or removed databases
'Save Database as...' in File menu
'Close Database' in File menu
New and Open buttons on toolbar
Ctrl+[0]..[9] keyboard shortcuts to apply style
Possibility to clear recent files list
Hot key for horizontal line insertion - [Ctrl]+[-]
Creating new section will not expand all upper sections anymore
Unicode text paste fixed (will work for newly created sections only)
Adding new section in autoedit mode caused saving data to this section from the previous one
Mozilla browser was changed to Safari in preferences
"Cancel" button in program preferences
As usual minor bugs were fixed and some improvements made

If you can translate Mars Notebook into your language wich is not included - just take included with
this version english.lng text file and translate it then send to our email. You will get your license for
free! Please make a post in our forum when you're going to make a translation and your language.

September 13, 2007

Mars Installer 1.3 is ready:
Fixed %CDROM% determining on systems with more than one CD/removable drives
Main window width can be set with Width=X parameter
Added %BPATH% shortcut represents path where marsinst.exe was started from
Radio buttons (Radio=1) to make it possible select only one program from a couple similar

August 1, 2007

Mars Installer 1.2 released:
Depended from other software items can be set with Depends=X
Section can have it's own checkbox to check/uncheck all it's children
Now you can skip up to 1000 numbers in programs numbering, like [1]..[10]..[100]
TXT_SureToStop variable added for "Are you sure to stop current installation" translation
Installation proccess can be interrupted in debug mode
%SYSTEMDRIVE% shortcut will reflect system drive letter (usually C:)
Possibility to use path shortcuts in command line switches
More system shortcuts like %ALLAPPDATA%, %ALLDESKTOP%, %DOCUMENTS%...
Description text color can be changed with SmallFontColor variable
Network path can be used now (beginning with '\\')

New installer for Total Commander 7.01 MarsPack 5
Total Commander core updated

June 30, 2007

New version - Mars Installer 1.1
Startup hang up bug fixed when at least one application has Visible=0 flag
Added possibility to search for source installation drive if more than one in system (%CDROM%)

June 13, 2007

New program - Mars Installer 1.0.
Automatic software installation system for unattended install.
New installer for Total Commander 7.0 MarsPack 5
Total Commander 7.0 final
Two new plugins: 7zip and FileInfo

New installer for Miranda 0.7.0 alpha build #30 MarsPack 7 available.
New build, fresh plugin builds

May 1, 2007

Mars Notebook 1.41 is here:
Ctrl+V pastes into text editor even when editing section name - fixed
Saving config to readonly file error handle
All menu items and skinned windows are in Unicode now
New skinned and Unicode user dictionary editor dialog
F1-F12 keys can be set as hotkey without Shift, Ctrl, Alt
Possibility to set text background color in style
The style can be applied to text without font name change
Double click on section can also show it's properties
List of recently opened files in File -> Open menu
Recently used fonts list in dropdown combo
Some other small bugs were fixed

December 31, 2006 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mars Notebook 1.4 has been released:
Spell checker added (american english and russian dictionaries are included, more available)
Text styles added with 10 configurable presets (font, size, color, style)
Start with Windows option added (will start in notification area with last database)
Read only mode to open databases from readonly media like CD/DVD, network
Default editor font name and size can be set for new sections
Database information in the File menu like file size, records count, last modified...
Saving currently selected section position
Saving tree width for each database
Possibility to select any hotkey to restore/show program
Ability to rename new section after creation
Now double click on section can rename it, expand or nothing
[/ro][/nodb][/startup] command prompt parameters added, run with /? to learn more
Browsers: Avant browser added
Three more themes added: Office 2007, Spectrum11XP Hot Road, Spectrum11XP Barbie
dbConvert utility doesn't comes with main program but available separately
All windows and dialogs are adapted for systems with big fonts
Now last database filename stored without path if that file is located in program folder
Whole document search wasn't able to find in the first line - fixed
Some bugs fixed with data changes and errors while moving sections in tree
Some bug fixes and cosmetic changes

Total Commander 6.55 MarsPack 4 available.

December 20, 2006

Miranda 0.7.0 alpha build #07 MarsPack 7 Unicode released:
A lot of new plugins, skins, predefined configuration and Unicode

May 25, 2006

Mars Notebook 1.31 with important fix released:
Sometimes first section's data were replaced from another one after restoring locked program
Little changes in database format to make tree sections names unicode
Fake password is not visible in security preferences
Some other trivial bugs fixes
Ability to compact database (physically remove free space)
F2 hotkey to rename section in tree
Current date and time insertion
Calculator toolbar can evaluate expressions with some math functions
Spectrum11XP theme added

Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #55 MarsPack 6 released. New IM build and two plugins.

May 12, 2006

Mars Notebook 1.3 released:
New much faster database engine and some optimizations
Added dbConvert utility to convert your old database to a new format
New 8 strong encryption algorithms for your data protection
Possibility to have more than one database and open or create them
Can be opened more than one copy of the program with different bases
Possibility to change font style, size and color for section name
Fast tree navigation - just type first letters of the section name
Search dialogs improved with ability to search in all sections
Ability to clear clipboard on exit from the program
Ability not to save last opened database name
Now you can prevent Windows to hide program icon in system tray
Added support for NetCaptor and Maxthon browsers in link menu
Possible to make database file association to open from explorer
Command line parameter to open database: Notebook.exe "basename.mnb"
Esc key minimizes main window or closes InfoBar if shown
Removed /db command line parameter
Some english language fixes (thanks to Alastair Ross)
Undo available after switching to another application and back
Tested under Windows XP x64 - works fine
Added support for inserting GIF and PNG images
A lot of other additions, interface improvements and bugs fixes (I hope)

Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #53 MarsPack 6 released.
Total Commander 6.54a MarsPack 3 available.

February 6, 2006

New installer for Total Commander 6.54 MarsPack 3.
New installer for Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #46 MarsPack 5 available.

December 31, 2005 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mars WinCleaner 1.8 released. What's new:
Internet Explorer autocomplete cleanup fixed for Windows XP
Run files cleanup option now cleans some internal run lists
Explorer shell extension added to secure erase files and folders
Option to leave web site icons (favicon.ico) for Internet Explorer added
Recent files cleanup support for MS Office InfoPath and Publisher
Folders cleanup support for /erase command line parameter
Support for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
More predefined apps added in user config options
Some other little fixes and additions

November 19, 2005

New Mars WinCleaner available - 1.8 beta 3:
System tray icon is animated when minimized while cleaning up
Microsoft Office history files cleanup working again
Wrong totals in statistic window
File erasing improved and deleted file will be renamed too
Checks on items shifts after sorting in user config manager
More predefined applications in user config options added
New command line parameter "/erase" to securely erase any file(s) added

New Mars Banks Base released - version 1.1:
US Dial Area code base added with 249 records
US Social Security Numbers state base added with 678 records
Multiple select and copy allowed now

New Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #40 MarsPack 4 available. Read forum for changes.

October 28, 2005

New Mars WinCleaner available - 1.8 beta 2:
Added support for Firefox 1.5 beta cache
Command line parameters added, use /? switch to show available parameters
Added support for large system fonts
Cleanup on Windows startup fixed (/startup parameter)
User config's file manager was empty in report view - fixed

New Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #37 MarsPack 3 released. Read forum for history.

October 7, 2005

New version of Mars Notebook released - 1.2. Contains some fixes and additions:
Tree items shifts when clear Notebook became inactive and section added after that - fixed
Caret coordinates wasn't changed when navigating thru text - fixed
Skins list in configuration window is sorted now
Added possibility to choose folder for data file storage
Added /db command line switch to reset data file location to default
Added /? command line switch to show available parameters
Office 2003 theme added

Beta version of Mars WinCleaner 1.8 is available for download
New build of Total Commander 6.53 MarsPack 2 released. Also new name - MarsPack.
New build of Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #36 MarsPack 2 released.

June 13, 2005

New version of Mars Notebook released - 1.1. What's new:
Some fixes with colors selection
New program options dialog with a lot of new options
Option to always use plain text paste
Possible to use Windows standard colors dialog
Main form can be transparent, with any transparancy level
Default background color for editor in new sections can be set
Tree font color, font name, size, style can be changed
Open link location and copy link added in right-click menu on hyperlink
It's possible to configure browsers to open link in from right-click menu

New installer for Total Commander 6.53, Marsianin's build 1.
New installer for Miranda IM RC1, Marsianin's build 1. Lot of new features.


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