Mars Notebook

Your advanced secure personal information manager


Everything organized

Your thoughts, ideas, documents, notes, passwords, websites, links in one encrypted database

Everything organized
Text Processor

Full featured text editor with styles, different fonts, paragraphs, tables, hyperlinks, search, undo/redo.

Tree Structure

All your notes appear tree-structured with nested collapsible nodes for easier access.

One Database

Everything stored in one MNB database file. Easy to copy and backup.


You can easily organize toolbars, move panels, add/remove tools, change program skins.

Equation Editor

Allows to add and edit equations and formulas.


You can use one of eight strong encryption algorithms to secure your data like AES and Blowfish.


Built-in spellchecker with more than 30 different dictionaries for different languages.

Export Possibilities

You can export your document to PDF, DOCX or even to CHM and HTML maintaining tree structure.

Bunch of Icons

More than built-in 350 icons to style your tree and ability to insert your own.

Portable Mode

Supports portable mode from the box and can be run from any removable media. Same installer.

Password Generator

Tired to think of new passwords? Highly customizable password generator will help.


There is a way to attach any file to your database like ZIP, RAR or CRT. Open it by simple double click.


It’s possible to preview and print your documents including page setup.


Native Windows code, low memory consumption. The whole program is just one 7Mb executable file.

Free Updates

When you purchase this application, you'll freely receive all future updates.

Perfect for Your Business

You can create your own manuals with tree structure and export them to CHM or HTML.

CHM Editor

Complete CHM editor for incomparable price.

Multi User

Database can be accessed over local network by several users at once.


There is a toolbar with ability to calculate expressions like ROUND((14+82)*17-(SQR(4)/2+PI))-955


Automatic database backup can be run on different events.

Perfect for Your Business
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Choose License Type

Choose any of the following licenses to get start with. The best choice is to try free version first.


$ 0

No encryption
Limit to 50 nodes
Annoying startup popup



$ 20

All features enabled
Perpetual license
Personal support



$ 120

All features enabled
For up to 10 users
Personal support



Some answers to frequently asked questions. Please read before contacting support.

Where can I get portable version?

Portable version is included with the installer you can download from this website. Just run it and select Extract (Portable Mode):

Portable installation will not create any shortcuts to run Mars Notebook. You have to execute Notebook.exe (or Notebook64.exe) manually.

Is there a 64-bit version available?

Yes 64-bit version is available as separate installer and recommended for 64-bit systems but 32-bit version will work fine too. Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions can be installed simultaneously. 64-bit version will not work on 32-bit systems.

Do you provide user manual for this software?

User manual is not yet available but we working on it. Anyway we find interface very intuitive and easy to understand. If you have any questions you can ask them in our forum or contact support.

Where my Mars Notebook files are located after installation?
If you install Mars Notebook to a default location you can find executable files in C:\Program Files\Mars Notebook or C:\Program Files (x86)\Mars Notebook, depends on your system.
Files like Templates, Backgrounds, Dictionaries will be installed to C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Documents\Mars Notebook. Different for each user. If selected, shortcuts to run Mars Notebook will be created in Start Menu, Desktop or Launch Bar.

If you select portable installation all files will be extracted to the same folder you selected and file Notebook.ini will appear in that folder indicating you’re using portable version.
How can I register this software?

After payment you’ll receive temporary registration file Notebook.usr. You have to save it to the program installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Mars Notebook) or to your \Documents\Mars Notebook folder. You will need to restart the program if already running to apply registration. Your permanent personal registration file usually sent by email in 24-48 hours after order placed.

If you’re going to reinstall Mars Notebook and already have your Notebook.usr file – just put it to the same folder with the installer and license will be installed automatically.

How to add your own icon for use in the tree?

Open Node Properties (Menu Tree -> Node Properties, Right Click on Node in tree -> Node Properties or just press Enter in tree when desired node selected) and then in Icon subsection click on small user button at right. You’ll switch to user icons where you can press Ins or Right Click -> Add somewhere in the field to select from disk and add your own icon. A lot of graphic formats are supported but all icons will be resized to 16×16 px. You can select multiple icons at once.


Where I can find database properties and encryption parameters?
If you check Menu File -> Database… you will see popup submenu with current database information. But it’s not just popup submenu it’s menu item itself – just click on Database… (default shortcut Ctrl+D) and you will see database parameters window. Encryption available in registered version only.
Where I can find password generator, character map, insert picture from disk?
It’s the same way as database parameters:
To open Password Generator click Main Menu -> Insert -> Password…
To open Character Map click Main Menu -> Insert -> Symbol…
To insert a picture to your document click Main Menu -> Insert -> Picture… and select picture from disk.
I forgot my password to encrypted database, can you help me?

No. There is no way to open your database if you don’t know the password. There is no backdoor or hidden keys. We will not be able to help. Do not forget your password!